The Fore is the first seed funder for the charity sector in the UK, unlocking 21st century solutions to society’s greatest challenges.

Our grantees are innovating across all sectors, from developing fresh ideas for mental health support, to preventing environmental damage, reducing education inequality and improving racial justice. Our venture capital-style approach offers a complete package of funding, professional expertise and impact measurement support to dynamic small charities and social enterprises.

Today, The Fore is looking to accelerate its ambitious plans to expand activities across the UK. We want to fundamentally transform the way that giving money is framed, whether by corporates or individuals, and that’s enormously exciting. With results that show our approach is particularly effective for small charities and highly attractive to funders; a surge in demand due to the devastating effects of the pandemic; and more interest than ever from the private sector, the time is right for growth.

Candidates will be exceptional advocates of what we do, and what we want to achieve. We would like to meet people who can create dialogues with both interested funders and potential applicants for support – your ability to bridge the two will exemplify our whole philosophy. There’s no escaping our ambition – we want to increase from our current £1.5m to £5m a year in grants by 2026 – but for the right person, that’s a carrot rather than a stick.

You’ll understand and share our passion for scaling up, driving innovation and creating systems change. A background which includes a detailed grasp of venture capital or financial services is probably essential, and personal experience of scaling something up will show that you understand grantees’ challenges from their perspective.

Perspective is also important from a personal standpoint; our grantees work where privilege is least well-distributed, and where difficulty and challenge are systemic, rather than the result of a lack of effort or talent. You will profoundly appreciate that we exist to provide the sort of support, funding – or even just a bit of good fortune – from which you are likely also to have benefited along the way.

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