Kenneth-Olisa.pngI'm delighted that you are interested in joining The Fore at this important point.

With four years’ proof of concept under our belt, and a remarkable story of success on every level, we are absolutely ready to move to the next level of growth and impact. It’s no exaggeration to say that our new Chair will have the opportunity to play a pivotal part in transforming charity funding in the UK.

The team you’ll meet at The Fore are optimistic, outcome-focused and hugely motivated, with an instinctively exploratory and questioning mindset. We look for innovation, drive and impact, and we ask questions such as how good potential grantees are at being role models or leading change. Our founding principle was that a strong, democratic and accountable grant-making process would create good outcomes, and the results bear that out: The Fore’s grant portfolio is widely seen as a ‘Who’s Who’ of the up and coming organisations in the third sector.

So the model works: and with around 93% of charities turning over less than £0.5m, there’s not just huge potential to do more, but a driving need to inspire change in the system. Our new Chair will rapidly grasp the scale of the opportunity, and mobilise their professional and personal strengths to amplify our profile, activity and impact. If you’ve been looking for a socially-focused NED role that’s an order of magnitude more dynamic, rigorous and stimulating than the norm, this is unquestionably it. I very much look forward to meeting you.

Sir Kenneth Olisa OBE, FRSA, FBCS
Patron, The Fore